Artist of the Month

Peter Smolens

While attending art school in Boston I wanted to be a photographer. Through my company P.B.S. Studios, I’ve published over a hundred articles.

While learning Adobe Photoshop, I discovered digital photo-painting. I attended a seminar presented by Faye Sirkis and took on-line workshops from Karen Sperling, and Tim Shelbourne.

Using a computer, a graphics tablet, and computer software, I start with a reference photo then use a stylus to paint on layers, emulating a watercolor, oil, pastel or charcoal painting. Results are printed on water color paper or canvas.

Although I recently join the Manassas Art Guild (MAG), I hope to promote this emerging art form.

Other work by this artist can be viewed at the following locations:

Ground Central Station  –   9360 Main Street

Scatter Seeds  –  9078 Center Street

Love Charley   –  9105 Center Street.

The Things I Love  –  9084 Center Street

Calico Jacks   –     9413 Battle Street



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