Who is MAG? 

As a 501(c)(3) arts organization, the Manassas Art Guild (MAG) is promoting a diversity of arts in Manassas and Northern Virginia area. Our goals are implemented with the creative and dedicated efforts of  a group of local artists assembled to support the growth of each other’s art forms.  Integration with the community is accomplished through these means:

Educating, exhibiting, and providing arts events, to connect with the Manassas community. Demonstrating the vital link between people, their sense of well-being, and the arts. Inspiring all citizens to become responsible caretakers of the arts. Celebrating the MAG broad range of knowledge and skills through the gift of teaching the arts to our societal members. Leading this effort by sharing the MAG unique body of diverse and talented artists with others in the community.

Board Members

President: Laura Lavarnway

Vice President: Stephanie McGree

Vice President Promotions: John Hartt

Secretary: VACANT

Treasurer: Peter Smolens

 At-Large: Peter Smolens & Maureen Guillot


Program Coordinator: VACANT

Workshop Coordinator: Laura Lavarnway Acting

Membership Coordinator: Josie Tullo

Refreshments Coordinator: Maureen Guillot

Newsletter Editor: Maureen Guillot

Phone Tree: Nancy Sessions

 Shows Committee:  

Chair (acting): Laura Lavarnway Acting

Continuing Shows: Laura Lavarnway Acting

Artist of the Month Coordinator: Laura Lavarnway Acting



 Publicity/Marketing: John Hartt

 Graphics: Peter Smolens

 Mailing lists: Peter Smolens

Web networking: Peter Smolens

MAG Executive Board
Meeting Minutes

The following is a link to the meeting minutes taken at the MAG Board Meeting.

September 2015