Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month

Peter Smolens

While attending art school in Boston I wanted to be a photographer. Through my company P.B.S. Studios, I’ve published over a hundred articles. While learning Adobe Photoshop, I discovered digital photo-painting. I attended a seminar presented by Faye Sirkis and took on-line workshops from Karen Sperling, and Tim Shelbourne.
Using a computer, a graphics tablet, and computer software, I start with a reference photo then use a stylus to paint on layers, emulating a watercolor, oil, pastel or charcoal painting. Results are printed on water color paper or canvas.
Although I recently join the Manassas Art Guild (MAG), I hope to promote this emerging art form.


Peter_Smolens Love_Birds Digital_Painting 16X10



Other work by this artist can be viewed at the following locations:

Ashby Jewelers   –  9407 Main Street

City Square Café  –  9420 Battle Street

Love Charley   –  9105 Center Street.

Ground Central Station  –   9360 Main Street

The Things I Love  –  9084 Center Street


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November 2015:

December 2015:

There is still space available for AOTM so please let us know if you are interested. We have sold painting through this program. Maureen Guillot sold a painting in March AOTM from Ground Central Station – Congratulations Maureen! Either email Ann Null or Laura Lavarnway if you are interested.

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When swapping out the AOTM it is important that the outgoing and incoming artist swap out the art together. It looks bad if the outgoing artist takes down their art and leaves the space empty until the incoming artist puts up art. If you are having difficulty